Why Did U Leave


Why Did U Leave - Ray


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My song is about luv in did season and do not fight just stay cool


I try to give u everything you want but you said is not enough you say your luv is with money and u don't want me in your life I was so sobber that day

Why did u leave me I have been calling it seem like u don't pick want to get back to u but I don't know how to talk to u, u say am too broke for that u need someone richer than me.

Come back to me I know I don't have money but my luv is OK right look it valatine and I don't have a val come back to me.

I now it my fault but I need u right now.

U c luv is not all about money luv is a feeling u have towards someone u luv. It will be better if all of us do not fight and just stay calm flex d day(valatine) enjoy wit ur val. 1 luv, 1 family

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